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The Power of Positive Advocacy: 

Support FGA!

As parents and educators, many of us have seen the progress and increasing support for our gifted kids in recent years...and we know there is still much more to do. It can be an isolating and confusing road to walk alone. Getting involved with FGA is a positive step in advocating for a gifted child.

We provide informed feedback to local schools, districts, and legislators on our collective vision for advanced-ability education. We also help fund continuing education opportunities for our teachers, and partner with state and national associations that benefit higher-level academic programs. 

Here's just a brief list of the results we've seen in the two years that FGA has served as advocates for GT students and educators:

  • Advocated for the expansion of our FISD GT programs to include the ninth and tenth grade GT Humanities course
  • Encouraged FISD to explore further expanding advanced academics
  • Supported the creation of and participation in a district GT Advocacy Committee mandated by House Bill 5
  • With corporate sponsor NuMinds Enrichment, launched Camp Pursuit, tailored for GT and high-achieving students
  • Provided sponsorships for three GT students at Camp Pursuit
  • Organized the University of North Texas Speaker Symposium for two years
  • Hosted 12+ student game nights
  • Provided 12 parent programs
  • Created a lending library for members
  • Honored our GT teachers and administrators during Teacher Appreciation Week

This is only the beginning! We are constantly exploring opportunities to advance gifted education and support. We can only do it with your input and involvement. If you are a 2015-16 FGA member, thank you! If you haven't yet started or renewed your membership this year, please join or renew to lend your voice.

Please consider volunteering with FGA as well; there are opportunities for everyone to make a difference for our gifted kids and the teachers who help them! Please contact us to learn more.

Thank you for considering how you can join FGA in meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of our kids. Together, we can use the power of positive advocacy to make inroads that benefit the entire gifted community. 



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