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Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Wiseman

For this month's Teacher Spotlight, we're pleased to introduce Sarah Wiseman, who teaches GT Humanities at Liberty High School.

My journey to teaching GT Humanities at Liberty High School started as a GT student myself; I took Humanities at Jasper High School in Plano from one of my current colleagues, Gary Mumford. After that, I went to the University of Oklahoma where I graduated with a degree in Social Studies Education, magna cum laude, with a minor in history. When I was student teaching, everyone asked, "What do you want to teach?" I always answered, "Well, there's this course called Humanities..." Of course, when I was offered a job teaching 8th grade US History at Scoggins in 2008, I said yes because everyone has to start somewhere.

After just one year, I realized that I was called to teach gifted students; I understood them and could form special bonds with them. Luckily, I was afforded an opportunity to teach middle school GT ILA for six years, three at Scoggins and three at Cobb. During that time, I earned my Master of Education degree from Southern Methodist University, specializing in Gifted and Talented Education.

I especially love challenging my students to become better people, nurturing their social and emotional development by publicly embracing my GT quirks and frequently admitting my imperfections. Favorite memories include the Haiku Death matches, the students who wore my silly hats for no reason at all, the Medieval Fairs that we threw for the school, and most of all, the names and faces and quirks will stick with me forever.

Of course, when I heard that Frisco would be offering GT Humanities starting in the 2015-2016 school year, I was elated. My dream course was finally coming to my school district! I'm now so happy to be at Liberty, surrounded by students who amaze me every day with their tenacity, focus, creativity, wit, and warmth. I know that the best of my teaching journey is yet to come.

Sarah Wiseman is a GT Facilitator for FISD (and Family) at Liberty High School.

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