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Teacher Spotlight: Misty Lewin

This month, we're excited to feature elementary school teacher and volunteer coordinator Misty Lewin.

Mrs. Lewin is proud each and every day to say that teaching the Gifted and Talented is how she celebrates life!  

She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with Honors receiving a Bachelors in Education with an emphasis in English Literature. She was a member of Kappa Delta Pi, the College of Education Honors Society, a speaker at The College of Education's Graduation Ceremony, and was also a member of the Longhorn Singers, the show choir for UT Austin.

Mrs. Lewin is certified by the great state of Texas to teach: Early Childhood- PreK & Kindergarten, Grades K-5th, Grades 6th-8th, English/ILA, ESL:  English as a Second Language, and of course her favorite, Gifted & Talented Education!

Mrs. Lewin has been a classroom teacher for six years, touching the lives of children in both Allen ISD and Frisco ISD. She was also a Private Religious School Director for seven years! Mrs. Lewin has always had a deep passion for challenging gifted learners and is thrilled to express that passion every day in the Gifted and Talented classroom. She also embodies a love for the performing arts and adores sponsoring both a Theatre Club and a Broadcast News club at her campuses.

She is married to Craig Lewin, who is the proud owner of Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters. Mrs. Lewin is the proud mother of four beautiful boys: Preston, who is GT and is in 6th grade at Griffin Middle School; Cohen, a fabulous 3rd grader at Pink; and identical twins, Dylan and Dawson, who are show stoppers at the PPCD program at the FISD Early Childhood School (ha!).

Mrs. Lewin considers herself so very blessed to get to do what she loves each and every day...and then return home to a house filled with love, laughter, and CRAZY adventures!

Misty Lewin is a GT teacher at Pink and Tadlock Elementary schools and the FGA volunteer coordinator. 

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