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Teacher Spotlight: Erin Jewell

This month, we'd like to introduce you to elementary school teacher Erin Jewell.

I taught high school for eight years before moving to the middle school GT position, and I’ll never forget going into Dr. Nye’s office in that first week that we opened Hunt saying, “I think I’ve been teaching the wrong level all this time.” Six years later, I still love the challenges and victories I experience daily in the GT classroom.


If you did the math, this is my 14th year to teach; and I’ve taught everything from 6th through 12th grade English: Pre-AP, AP, GT, and Creative Writing. I wouldn’t trade any of the classes/students I’ve taught, but there is something special about the gifted classroom.

When I’m not in the classroom, I’m the mom to Spencer (4) and Collin (1) who keep me crazy busy. My husband, Brian, and I will celebrate our seventh anniversary this March. There’s not a lot of free time with the two boys, but when I have it I love to knit or be crafty. Most of my creative energy is spent in the classroom these days, but my hope is that my students learn to apply that creative thinking to when they are “stuck” in the future. 


Erin Jewell is a GT teacher at Hunt Middle School.

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