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Students Share Their Experience in FISD's New GT Humanities Course

We have a special treat this month: Two freshmen from Wakeland High School are sharing their perspectives on the new GT Humanities course! Please read on to learn more from Oliver Shi and Hannah Lee about their experience in this course.

GT Humanities, a combination of English and AP World History, is where we learn about blending quotes one day, and the notorious reign of Alexander the Great the next. Where we have to write a formal essay for homework one day, and spend hours studying for an upcoming AP style test the next.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Surprisingly, it is.

In fact, GT Humanities is one of the most exciting, intriguing, and challenging courses that I have taken. It’s where we learn captivating information about the foregoing eras of human civilization. It’s where we read fascinating stories written by the people of our past. It’s where we watch Crash Course videos that the creator thinks are hilarious, but really aren’t (okay, sometimes they can make us laugh).

Overall, GT Humanities is an exceptional course. It’s definitely something that I won’t regret taking.


Oliver Shi is a freshma