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Meet Your FGA Board: Kristina Lee

Our featured FGA board member this month is Kristina Lee, Secretary.

My name is Kristina Lee and I’ve been the Secretary for FGA since its inception a few years ago. I have two children in the GT program at Fowler MS, a daughter in 6th grade and a son in 8th grade.

When meeting with other parents I’ve often been asked what resources or books have been the most helpful to me in terms of parenting or educating my children. I have always come back to the conclusion that it’s the social interactions and relationships that I’ve made through the years that have given me the most support and insight.

It was through a casual GT-focused meeting that the beginnings of FGA was formulated, and it has been so exciting to see how far we’ve come from those initial stages of brainstorming.

I’d like to encourage all of you to attend our events, not only to get information, but to get to know each other and make those connections, and for us to grow together as one voice. I have made some of my most entertaining friendships within this group!

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