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Meet Your FGA Board: Deborah Colquhoun

Our featured FGA board member this month is Deborah Colquhoun, Membership Chair.

My name is Deborah Colquhoun and I have been the Membership Chair for FGA since the beginning—three years ago. I have two children in the GT program: A 3rd grader at Riddle Elementary and a 6th grader at Fowler Middle School. I taught in Plano ISD as a kindergarten and first grade teacher before I started my own family.

I became involved with the GT community while searching for information on how to best advocate for my daughter. I stumbled into a small group that was discussing the social and emotional needs of gifted children (SENG). It was such a relief to find fellow parents who could relate to my day-to-day challenges and share my experiences in a supportive environment. I loved to see other parents nodding their heads laughing (and crying) and saying “me too!” Learning about how gifted children tick helped me to understand my own children and gain patience in those hectic moments. My frustration levels began to drop and I gained the skills I needed to help support my children.

When members of that discussion group asked me to help build FGA, I did not hesitate. I wanted to be engaged in the conversations about my children’s education and provide opportunities to grow in their areas of interests. I felt that gifted students needed a support group behind them looking out for their needs.
As parents, we all want the best for our children. We want them to be challenged, and also to have fun. To be motivated and inspired.  Finding that balance is something I struggle with every day. FGA and the gifted community provide the tools I need to make educated decisions through each school year. 


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