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Meet Your FGA Board: Ashley Carbone

FGA is committed to partnering with our parents, educators, sponsors, and community to provide our kids with the things they need to grow and thrive. Please meet Ashley Carbone, another one of our FGA board members (and fellow parent)!

I'm Ashley Carbone, your FGA VP of Programs. I have a 7th grade son and a 4th grade daughter, both identified as gifted. 

My kids really enjoy FGA's Game Nights because we love playing games as a family. There are several games on the market that include strategy, which gifted kids tend to gravitate towards. 

I recommend one game that we play often at our house: Othello. Othello is for 10 years and older and can only be played by two people. White/black-sided discs are placed on the play board one at a time. The object is to flank the other player with your color so that you can turn over their discs to reveal your color, thus taking over more of the board. The player with the most discs in his/her color wins. 

I like to think that my kids are learning how to debate when some of these games become heated!

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