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A Middle School
Student Shares Her
GT Experience

Public school is a different experience for everyone. Some people love it. Others hate it. Overall, it is a time where everyone starts to find where they fit in, but everyone finds that place a little differently. Some find it in band or theatre. Others find it in art or sports. For me, I have really found my place in the GT program, and I have always felt like I belonged there through elementary school and into middle school.

I joined the GT program in 2nd grade, and we discussed many diverse and interesting topics over my four years in the class:

  • In 2nd grade, we studied dinosaurs, which provided us with a new science experience that was considerably more interesting than our normal science curriculum.
  • In 3rd grade, we learned about styles and elements of art, and even created some artwork of our own!
  • Come 4th grade, we started doing even more challenging activities and learned about Fibonacci. We studied the Fibonacci sequence in pine cones, created perfectly-proportionate, recycled people based on the Golden Ratio, and participated in the legendary rabbit breeding activity.
  • In 5th grade, we ended our elementary school career with a bang by studying civilizations, creating some of our own, and campaigning to make a change in the world.
Throughout these four years, most of my friendships were formed in this class, and it was my favorite place to be. Overall, I had a marvelous elementary school GT experience, and looking back, I still consider those hours on Wednesdays spent in the tiny GT classroom to be the highlight of my elementary school experience.
Going into middle school, I was not sure what to expect from the GT program. I knew the curriculum would be primarily reading and writing oriented, but I was unsure exactly what to expect. Since I have plunged into middle school GT, I have loved what I have found. The books we read are exceedingly intriguing, and the projects we do provoke us to think deeply. We also do an abundance of open-ended tasks, which allow us to be creative as opposed to doing standard essays like other ILA classes.
One of my favorite projects from GT at Cobb is a project I have just completed called the Definition Project. This project encouraged us to think about elements of heroism, characterization, and ethics in our past, present, and future. This prompt allowed us to delve inside ourselves and analyze our personalities.
My favorite part about the class, however, is the sense of community. The GT class is filled with like-minded people, and so it is easy to feel accepted in this class full of people who understand and care for one another. Looking back at all of the projects I have completed in these three years, I feel that the middle school GT program has helped me grow as a student, a writer, and a person, and has given me a place to belong.
As my middle school years come to an end, my peers and I begin to anticipate the GT program in high school: Humanities. Some of us are nervous, some of us are stressed, but overall, I know everyone is excited, and I am no exception. I personally can’t wait to learn more about world history, as I have an interest in the topic, and I am so pleased that we get to have an extra two years of the GT experience with this lovely community. I have loved the GT program since my first day in 2nd grade, and I am so excited for the future of GT, both for me and for the people after me who will get to find their place in the wonderful program of GT.
Caroline Sauer is an 8th grade GT student at Cobb Middle School.
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