• About Our Organization

    Frisco Gifted Association is a non-profit organization of parents, educators, and community members who are committed to supporting and creating expanded opportunities for the education of gifted and talented students under age 19 and their families. FGA supports, encourages, and facilitates the development of such programs utilizing community and individual resources.

    Top 10 Reasons to Join FGA

    10. Free entry to parent and student programs sponsored by FGA, including guest speakers. A $10-$25 per program value.

    9. Opportunities for our kids to improve their social/emotional skills and spend time with their peers outside the classroom.

    8. Exclusive discounts and early registration with many of our community sponsors.

    7. Access to a members-only website portal with bonus resources, a closed Facebook group to connect with other members, a GT-themed event calendar, and printable materials from our programs.

    6. Free Texas Association for Gifted and Talented parent membership ($30 value per year).

    5. Partner with state and national associations that benefit higher level academic programs.

    4. Provide informed feedback to local schools, districts, and legislators on our collective vision for higher level education.

    3. Help fund continuing education opportunities for teachers and scholarships for students.

    2. Newsletter emailed monthly with relevant information related to GT education.

    1. The power of POSITIVE ADVOCACY toward achieving exemplary levels in GT education and beyond. PRICELESS!

  • Advisory Council


    We are proud to announce our Advisory Council, supporting the FGA Board!

    Sheila Flaherty

    Cindy Badon

    Ben Koch

    Danny Mehta

    Dee Maddox

    Vanessa Sanford

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